Zuul – Service Gateway for Spring Microservices – 1

In a distributed architecture like a microservices, you’ll need to enforce cross-cutting concerns like security, logging, tracking etc across all the microservices and not to leave it to the individual services.

Zuul will act as a service gateway and sits between a service client and service discovery agent like Eureka. With this set up it is possible to call Zuul, instead of calling services directly, as we did before. As all the calls go through Zuul, you can enforce cross-cutting concerns with various filters.

It would be a lot to cover all of Zuul in one post, instead, I am going to split it into 3 different posts. In this part one, I want to cover the basics of Zuul and show you how to set it up.

Please check the video below on how to set it up and test.

Author: Seenu Kamisetty

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